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I am excited to create a piece of jewelry for you that when you wear it you will think to yourself, "I AM beautiful!" The "AM" in my logo also stands for my initials "Abigail Massie".   If you have custom colors of beeds/ pearls or design ideas, please let me know via the order form after you place your order.  Below is a note from my mom! :) 

Shalene (Abigail's Mom)

Thank you for visiting Abigail's design page!  She is so excited to help you feel beautiful as you wear her jewelry!   When you order a design, you will pay me via Stripe.  I will then give the money to her.  She started this business to begin earning money for gifts for her sister (Sierra), saving for college, buying books , etc.  We are so proud of her giving heart!  She is learning to manage money; what it means to order supplies and receiving income vs. business expenses.   She beams when she is able to use the money she has earned to buy gifts and special items for herself!   Thanks again for your order and supporting Abigail's business! 



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