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Coaching and Support with Shalene

Helping you birth your passion and turn it into income!

Are you:

  • Ready to birth the idea that's been burning inside of you?
  • Thinking about different opportunities, but not sure what the right choice is for you at this time?
  • Needing clarity of vision and help defining your goals?
  • Wanting to move forward with your ideas and in your business (and life) with clarity, peace, and confidence?

I can help!

As a doula and childbirth educator, I help women cultivate their desires for their birth and trust their gut knowing about birth and motherhood.  These skills are completely transferable to helping you cultivate your passion and bring your ideas to life and turn your passion to income! 

Together, we’ll get to the heart of who you are, your passion, ideas, and how to turn them into a business you love!


Cultivating your Passion

Helping you dig deep to find your call and define your core values and purpose. 

Building Confidence

Guiding you to find a strategy and plan that you can implement to grow your business with confidence and power!


Taking you by the hand to journey through developing your business and supporting you each step of the way. 

What to Expect:

Each time we have a video call, we’ll spend time talking about what you’ve accomplished since our last call, and the action steps you’ll take before our next call. I’m available between calls by email and Facebook messenger.

I am passionate about helping you cultivate your passion and turn it into income. We’ll talk about where you’re going, what your target market is, how to reach them, how to grow your business, when you might need to pivot, and a whole host of other issues and questions.


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